The main activity of ttes. jm cañadas is based on the liquid chemical road transport.

Currently the traffic of our company is focused in spain, though we have a strong presence in the rest of europe, mainly in france, italy, germany and benelux, in a constantly growing market.

Our staff is qualified by the application of a continuous training program. this training covers areas such as prevention of occupational hazards, customer requirements, new products transported, safety behavior (css) and any information that may arise in the development of the activity.

Immediate response to requests

Timely collection and delivery

Efficient distribution of goods

Correct document management of the service


As an essential complement to the transportation activity, at the headquarters of riudellots de la selva we have an indoor washing site for the tanks.

We have 2 washing lines each equipped with five rotating heads for a maximum pressure of 200 kg. our service is characterized by using equipment, cutting-edge washing methods and cleaning products allowing us to obtain satisfactory results according to the client’s request.

Wastewater from washing undergoes a purification treatment consisting in two stages: physical-chemical and biological treatment which ensure, through internal and external analysis, that they conform with the limits regulated by law.

Complementing the cleaning service, we offer hot air drying.

Upon completion of the work, the ecd (european cleaning document), a european washing certificate approved for food and chemical products, will be given to the customer.

We also have 6 lines of product heating with electronic probes to control and ensure the temperature required by the customer. depending on the product, the heating can be done through steam, water or electricity.

Our staff is qualified by the application of a continuous training program.

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