Currently, we possess a large and modern fleet equipped with more than 30 tractor units which meet the latest developments in euro v environmental standards. the new units will be euro vi, all of them having an adr certificate (fl, at, ox) and air compressor for discharge.
All units are equipped with a complete gps system allowing the location at any time of the vehicles to keep customers informed about the exact position of their goods.
Likewise, we have more than 50 stainless steel tanks divided in monocompartment and multicompartment units having different capacities to meet the needs of the service.

Our tanks have the following features:

Thermally insulated single tank

Capacity: 32.000 liters
A single compartment
Maximum discharge pressure: 2.5 kg. / cm
Steam heating coil for potential heating of the product
ADR certificate

Not thermally insulated single tank

Capacity: 25.000 liters
A single compartment
Maximum discharge pressure: 2.5 kg. / cm.
Specialized in dense products (soda ash, calcium carbonate, acids …)
ADR certificate

Thermally insulated multitank

Capacity: 33.000 liters
Maximum discharge pressure: 2,5 kg. / cm
Central manifold to facilitate loading or unloading
4 compartments
ADR certificate

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